Week 2 of Slimming World and Autumn……

As I stepped on the scales in Slimming World on Tuesday morning I was hoping that I had made enough good choices during the week to see a loss on the scales.

I was taking photographs at a wedding in Donegal last Thursday which involved an early start and a four course meal. I ordered the melon and salmon (both choices unheard of for me on a meal out) and I thoroughly enjoyed both, I avoided the bread rolls smeared with real butter accompanying the soup and I ate only two out of three of the dessert medley and managed not to lick the pattern of the plate like I would usually do. I was staying in a friend’s aunt’s house overnight and I awoke to the smell of sausages & bacon sizzling on the pan! It would have been so rude to refuse the delicious breakfast so I ate it, enjoyed it and ate lightly for the remainder of the day.

I attended Bogfest 2015 (music and fun in the middle of a field) and brought a healthy picnic dinner with me, everyone around enjoying burgers with cheese and fried onions whilst I had a ham salad and a smug look on my face.

To finish off the bank holiday weekend a neighbour invited us to a bbq, I stuck to the delicious chicken skewers and fillets and a massive portion of lettuce with a sneaky G&T thrown in for good measure.

Despite all the fun of the week I still managed to lose 2 lbs. I never felt deprived and I enjoyed and savoured every morsel of food all week. I received my first 1/2 stone award as I have lost 8 lbs in the past fortnight. Delighted. Feels so great to be back on the straight although sometimes curvy road again!

The garden (despite all the rain) is giving me great pleasure. As the summer blooms fade and make way for the Autumn plants to have their turn. there is always something new to see. Hope you enjoy a few photographs that I took earlier today.

Till the next time,

Paula, xx

IMG_8992 IMG_8993 IMG_8994 IMG_8995 IMG_8996 IMG_8998 IMG_8999 IMG_9000 IMG_9001 IMG_9002



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One Response to Week 2 of Slimming World and Autumn……

  1. Rory Wilkinson says:

    Great stuff Paula.
    I’ll be following weekly.

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