I went for a run today.

I went for a run today.

I huffed, puffed and panted my way around 10km and at the finish I felt as if I had ran another marathon! (I had to throw in that line in in case you had all forgotten that I ran the Dublin Marathon 2014!).

January was a bad month for me fitness wise as was December. Too many late nights and calories consumed. My trousers were getting tighter and my cheek bones were disappearing under a layer of flab so action had to be taken. Am such a fad diet person and can be so easily led, you name it and I have probably tried it but the one thing that always works for me is eating less and moving more. Easier to say than do some days but I will get there.

Life is so busy as it is and sometimes the easier option wins for convenience sake. I think we expect so much of ourselves that when we do falter we see it as more than it actually is which makes us falter more. It’s a vicious circle and so hard to break the “normality” of it. I ran this morning and rewarded myself with a banana sandwich and a frothy coffee, I resisted a biscuit but the day is young yet! It looks like I will be on this roller coaster for the rest of my days which will hopefully be long and bright ones. xx

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