Children available to rent or buy…..


Ah you have got to love the long summer school holidays especially on rainy days! It’s almost 11am and so far we have had 36 conflicts (may be slightly exaggerating) in the confines of our kitchen. Our day only started at 9am and already there has been trouble over soggy cereal, wheeled toys, tv remote, shared chargers, name calling, use of the wrong plastic cup, dropped loom bands, a mouldy peach, not being allowed have oreos for breakfast, sitting on kitchen counters and who was going to run upstairs to turn on the immersion!

If anyone wants to borrow any or all of the three children for an extended home visit please get in touch! They are well trained in the art of sock matching, pegging clothes on the line, making loom band bracelets and other paraphernalia, setting and clearing the table, feeding/walking small animals and tidying up after themselves after heavy cajoling. They are experts in emptying fridges and kitchen cupboards in lightening speed and have the ability to turn a house upside down within minutes if not seconds!

All three love a hot chocolate with marshmallows whilst watching a movie, they love eating pizza that doesn’t have any cheese on it, playing in the back garden on the trampoline and all give fabulous hugs. The youngest likes being tucked up like a sausage in bed, the middle one can’t sleep without his favourite teddy and the oldest will have you in tears of laughter with his wit.

Ah scrap the original offer, I am holding onto them! Like most things in life the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Anyone have a loan of a referee’s whistle???

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2 Responses to Children available to rent or buy…..

  1. I’ve been threatening to put mine on ebay all day. The fighting is non stop. And we were away for a couple of weeks so it is the first week of hols we have been home all week. Glad to know it’s not just my kids! 😀

    • Paula says:

      Laura I think the very same thing goes on in all our houses! Kids as happy as larry and us pulling our hair out!!

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