Superfoods and a panic attack!


Someone asked me in passing the other day as to how my Dublin marathon training was going. I looked to the person beside me to answer before I realised they were speaking to me. A marathon. 26.2 miles. Two half marathons back to back. Sweet Jesus. I must be mad. Am I mad? I must be mad. Seriously 26.2 miles. I can feel the ache in my calf muscles already. I often ask myself when I am out pounding the roads why I do it to myself, nine times out of ten I don’t even enjoy the run but love the feeling afterwards. I guess one of the main reasons I run is because I love food so much and in fairness running is an excellent exercise to burn calories. Can you tell I am trying to convince myself here. It also keeps me and my mind the safe side of crazy, nothing like stomping out a bad humour or a problem on the road. Still not exactly sure why I do it. Maybe it will dawn on me one of these days why exactly I put myself through it!


Have been really focussing on my nutrition recently and have been eating lots of nutrient packed meals. My nutribullet is my new bestie in the kitchen and makes an appearance at least twice a day. I hadn’t used the milling function of it until today when I needed to ground down some cocoa nibs for some protein balls courtesy of the fabulous Susan Jane White recipe website. The recipe called for raw cacao powder which I couldn’t find in the midlands but am presuming the cocoa nibs is the same thing……if you know please tell me! These little chia bon bons are a powerhouse of energy and taste absolutely delicious! Even the three year old approved….check out the fantastic necklace she is wearing which we made together. 😉


Hopefully by the power of chia seeds (grey skull, any 80’s kids reading?) I will be out sprinting this evening with an extra pep in my step and fingers crossed it will be one out of the ten runs that I enjoy!! Thanks for reading lovely people, xxx.

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