Green and floury fingers……


I am having a bit of a love in with my garden at the minute. The sun started shining and immediately the paint brush and the compost made an appearance. There was garden furniture to be painted and pots to be planted and once I started I could not stop!



I cannot get enough of lavender at the minute, the fragrant perfume is filling my garden each evening and I have pots scattered here, there and everywhere so I can enjoy the aroma no matter what I am doing. Flowers are such a wonderful way to bring your garden to life and for very little work give you immense joy.



Whilst sitting and enjoying my handiwork the other morning I was thrilled to discover a copy of Val O’Connor‘s book plopped onto my doormat. It is called Bread on The Table and once I started leafing through it I immediately wanted to bake. It is full of beautiful images, easy to follow recipes and wonderful prose.


So many things caught my eye but when I spotted bread baked in terracotta pots I knew they were going to be first on the list!


It is important to season the pots first before using by washing, drying, oiling and placing in a 150c oven for 30 mins before allowing to cool. You can now keep the seasoned pots for all your fabulous yeast bread creations. I used Valerie’s recipe for white basic dough and topped with some chia seeds before baking.


So the verdict on the bread! Absolutely delicious. I am looking forward to getting some more dried dough stains on my book! Get kneading and baking!

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