Double Birthday Celebrations!


I remember March 13th 2003 so well. I awoke with great anticipation at the prospect of becoming a mother that very day. It was my due date and for sure this little person inside me was going to make an appearance at some stage that day! The morning passed and the afternoon and then the evening and I remember going to bed and thinking surely tomorrow will be the day!! Fast forward an entire 19 days and eventually my screaming 9lb bouncing baby boy was placed in my arms. Nothing will ever compare to the joy of that moment and the incredible fear that goes hand in hand with that joy! How will I know when to feed him, lie him down, wake him up, cuddle him etc etc? Fast forward 11 years and I don’t think I have done too bad of a job! Blake is a gorgeous child inside and out. Clever, thoughtful, respectful and full of personality, he is a pleasure to watch grow into a fine young man. What makes Blake’s late arrival so special is the fact that he was born on my birthday and now I get to share the title of “April Fool” with him for a lifetime!


A special birthday cake of a mixture of brownies and ice cream was requested. Couldn’t be easier and a great combination. I doubled my usual brownie recipe, baked it in two springform tins, allowed to cool, sandwiched it together and topped it with a litre of vanilla ice cream before placing back in the freezer. Remove from freezer 20 minutes before serving and with this cake a little goes a long way!


We decorated it with two twirl bars and a tube of smarties but feel free to add your own twist! So another birthday celebration over and time to look forward to and plan the next. Family life is fabulous!

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