What has made you happiest today?


When I heard that John Lonergan was coming to Clara to give a talk on parenting I knew for sure it was going to be good. I had heard him speak many years ago when I was in secondary school and to this day some of his words still ring true to me. A room full of 120 hormonal teenage girls must be a nightmare for anyone to break through but he managed to and kept us all enraptured throughout his talk. Roll on twenty years, my hormones are slightly more settled and I am on the other side of the coin as a parent. Everyone has different styles of parenting and every child is different but fundamentally when we have happy and healthy children we have very little to be worried about.

John suggested that each day we should ask our children what made them happiest that day. What a fantastic conversation to have around the kitchen table. Yesterday my eldest son Blake was happiest playing a football match at training, Isaac was happiest running a lap around the football pitch and Halle was happiest playing on the trampoline. I was at my happiest meeting my husband for an unplanned lunch and he was at his happiest meeting me! What a lovely thing to ask your children and yourself every day! So tell me, what has made you happiest today?

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