Three ingredients……..

We go through phases of eating things in our house. Last year the children detested chorizo, noses were turned up when it was added to anything and dinners left uneaten. This year they love it and plates are practically licked clean when it is added to anything. I love it as it is so versatile, it adds great flavour to a roast chicken dinner, is handy to add into a pasta dish and paired with avocado makes a great bagel topping. This dish however is in the running for the best brunch/lunch ever. Fast and super tasty and using only three ingredients, chorizo, gnocchi and eggs……

Take some chorizo (a thumb sized piece per person) and slice it up. Place in a hot pan, no need to add any oil as the chorizo will release enough as it is. Fry until crisp.


Add 100g gnocchi per person, depending on how hungry you are…..

Using a spatula coat the gnocchi in the gorgeous orange oil from the chorizo and allow to crisp up slightly.


Take two fresh free range eggs and beat lightly before adding to the pan. Swirl the pan until the eggs are cooked.


Place under a hot grill briefly before slicing up and gobbling down!


How easy is that? Love a tasty dish with few ingredients!

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