A Taste of Hey Pesto!!


We are a lucky bunch of people in the midlands. Not alone are we surrounded by wonderful producers of food but we also have someone who will teach us what to do with these lovely ingredients! Pictured above is Yvonne Carty who runs the very successful catering company/cookery school Hey Pesto! I have been lucky enough to attend some of Yvonne’s classes and despite thinking of myself as an accomplished home cook I still came away with loads of tips and recipes which I have loved testing in my own kitchen! So no matter what your level of cooking I cannot recommend the classes highly enough, great opportunity to learn something new and to meet a bunch of like minded people!

I took some pictures last week for Yvonne to help showcase some of the fabulous canapé dishes that she can provide. I may also have had a nibble or two or three………













All of the above tasted just as good as they looked! Not sure whether I was allowed to eat on the job or not so don’t tell Yvonne I said that……..;-)


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6 Responses to A Taste of Hey Pesto!!

  1. Fiona Dillon says:

    Was delighted to get a chance to work with you Paula – wasn’t it fun?! Great food, great photos and great company…..x

  2. Peggy says:

    Lovely pic as usual Paula. Yvonne looks great too :-)))

  3. Paula I love them! Huge thanks to Derick and Fiona for all their help too.

    PS I knew I should have had my hair done 😉

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