A bitta DIY!


Am always at my happiest when I am at home. Don’t get me wrong I also love going on holidays and being out and about but nothing can beat the feeling of turning the key in the lock when you return home! My haven is my kitchen and I spend many a happy hour pottering about, reading and cooking in it. It was recently painted but after hours spent on Pinterest I knew I wanted to paint some of the wooden furniture. I have been having a bit of an Annie Sloan festival in my kitchen and I possibly need an intervention to happen as I cannot stop painting furniture. I only discovered chalk paint last week and I am wondering how I survived to the ripe old age of almost 35 without it! Pure white and duck egg blue are my colours of choice and my poor husband is almost afraid to stand still for fear of a quick coat going on him! I love how it has updated the look of the furniture with a fraction of the cost of new pieces!

Before Annie Sloan……..


After Annie Sloan……..







Thanks so much to my lovely friend Deirdre who spotted the gorgeous red ceramic handle above in Article and posted it down to me as she thought it would be a perfect match for the coffee machine! How lovely is that!

I am already planning the next project in the house but for fear of giving the husband a heart attack I won’t mention it on here…..

Anyone else tried this paint, let me know what you did! :-)

I bought my paint in Woodgrove Interiors, Tullamore. It is an amazing shop that I would happily move into! Well worth a visit!

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