Ooh a bit of festive excitement!!!


Back in February when I launched my facebook business page one of the first calls I received was from Deirdre, manager of Ariel House Hotel in Ballsbridge. Deirdre had been following my blog and loved the style of pictures I was taking and wanted me to do the same for Ariel House! I remember getting off the phone and doing a little dance around my kitchen with excitement, my very first client!! I have since done several shoots for Ariel House and Deirdre has turned into a friend, a day rarely goes by that we not in contact either via call, text, Facebook or twitter! Our latest little project was a collection of seasonal recipes for an ebook and also in print copy and as of yesterday it is available here to download online. HOW EXCITING!!!  It was a hard job picking our favourite pictures to include and even harder to not share before now! Hope you will have a little look and let us know what you think!






I am so looking forward to having a print copy in my hands! What a brilliant year 2013 has been and here is to more excitement in 2014!!

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2 Responses to Ooh a bit of festive excitement!!!

  1. Donna says:

    Just downloaded it now, it looks gorgeous! Hopefully I’ll have plenty of time over Christmas to try some recipes out. Well done to you both.

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