I just did it!

IMG_3673Woohoo I did it! Today I weighed in at my target weight in slimming World! You name it and I have tried it but this slimming club is the only one I have stuck with to complete my goal and I think the reason behind it is their no nonsense approach! Healthy eating and some running was the perfect combination for me to lose the excess two stone I was carrying and I am determined to not see it again!! I don’t count calories but it always gives me a great determination to continue when I see the amount burned on a run not to mention the incredible head space it gives you. I am by no means an expert but a few people have been asking how did I start running so I thought I would write down a few tips for anyone that wants them!

  • When my husband took me out running for the first time it was on the condition that I didn’t stop! I could run as slowly as I wanted but I had to complete a loop. It really worked for me and despite almost vomiting I never stopped!!
  • Wear proper running shoes, get yourself measured in a good sports shop and take their advice. I have always found Elverys really good and watch out for 2 for 1 offers, handy when you have a running partner.
  • Wear bottoms that have a tie string, nothing worse than constantly having to pull up trousers whilst running!
  • I love wearing a baseball cap when running, keeps the sun out of my eyes when it shines and rain off my face when it pours! (the latter happens more than the former)
  • Try and clear your mind and just concentrate on your breathing. Breathing in through your mouth gets more air into your lungs and makes it easier to keep going.
  • Hold your head up as if a piece of string is pulling you upright. When I started running I used to always keep my head down for fear someone might see me but soon realised no one actually cared that I was running!
  • You may hate every step of the actual run and hate the whole process of getting togged out for it but I guarantee you that you will be over the moon once you have it completed!

So come on what are you waiting for, get those runners laced up and hit the road!!!

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  1. Dawn says:

    And another important one for the ladies- get a couple of good sports bra with high levels of support. You can get some great ones from Shock Absorber, Freya and M&S. It’s absolutely necessary no matter what size you are.

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