The Circle of Life!


A couple of weeks ago you might remember me blogging about my tour of an abattoir, farm and meat factory to see the whole process that a piece of Donald Russell beef has to go through before being chosen for the premier league. If you don’t you can read all about it here! I was lucky enough to have a gorgeous strip loin joint to cook tonight for a family meal and oh my word did it live up to it’s name!  IMG_0923

I did a little bit of internet research and it seemed to me that a quick blast at a high heat followed by a slow roast at a lower temperature should produce a tender and juicy piece of meat. I have three children and a husband who would scream at the sight of a piece of pink meat on their plate so this was cooked with them in mind!!!


I sprinkled the piece of beef generously with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper on all sides and threw a handful of fresh rosemary from the garden on top.


Once cooked I left it to rest for thirty minutes covered with tin foil and a tea towel before carving up. The knife slipped through it like a warm knife through soft butter. I made delicious gravy using some of the juices and the remainder I used to grease a roasting tin for a giant Yorkshire pudding. To die for.


Red wine, a few roasted potatoes, root vegetables, watering mouths and good company was all that was required to make a fabulous meal. Oh and a cheeky little pecan praline brownie! Already planning my ten mile run for tomorrow.


Anyone fancy a beef sandwich??? 😉

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