Please help!

I hate asking people for money. Reminds me of the trocaire box sitting on the sideboard destined for the children of famine or so we thought but that’s a whole other story….

I am running a half marathon in 9 days time and to do so I need to raise €250.00. That is ten of ye sponsoring me €25, twenty five of ye sponsoring me €10 or two hundred and fifty of ye sposoring me €1. Before you stop reading and head away from my page please have a look as to why I am doing it….

Having three healthy and happy go lucky children is something I am grateful for everyday and I am doing this in order to help others who are not as fortunate. Just a mere €1 out of your weekly budget to help three fantastic charities who help Muireann and her family daily.

If ye sponsor me I will;

  1. Be your bff forever¨
  2. Bake you cakes and other treats weekly¨
  3. Take really flattering photos of you¨
  4. Be really grateful!

¨may not be strictly true

The link to my charity page is

Thank you so much for reading & hopefully sponsoring!


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2 Responses to Please help!

  1. Elizabeth MacDonnell says:

    Count me in…great cause xx

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