Like Mam Used To Bake!


When I joined twitter I was at home on maternity leave and found it great company in the sometimes otherwise lonely days of having a new baby. I started reading blogs and interacting with people who otherwise I would never have come across in day-to-day life. One of those people was @likemamuse2bake, she was always so quick-witted and funny and always had something to say to make me laugh out loud on a daily basis. I fell in love with her gorgeous pastel baking blog and she was one of the reasons why I started my own kitchen tales. Imagine my surprise when almost a year later we discovered that we knew each other when we were children, talk about seven degrees of separation! I remember Rosanne as a bubbly, happy-go-lucky, ringlet headed little girl and after meeting her several times in the last two years I can confirm she is still the same, minus the ringlets!


I was so delighted when she was offered a publishing deal and it is so lovely to have her book here in my kitchen with me and being able to bake from it. The dedication to her mother had me crying as I remember her so well. Mrs Hewitt always had a smile on her face and like Rosanne put a smile on everyone else’s face as well. Am sure that she is looking down on Rosanne now beaming with pride at all her lovely recipes in print and being made in countless kitchens all over the world, what a lovely legacy.


I want to make everything in this gorgeous book from the focaccia to the iced gems and everything in between. My eldest son was perusing the book whilst having his breakfast and conveniently left it open on the recipe which most caught his eye, chocolate mint cookies. There are four copies of the book up for grabs on so head over there to be in with a chance of having this lovely book in your collection and the recipe for these delicious crackle topped cookies!


The food critic in our house gave the biscuits a thumbs up! Huge congratulations Rosanne, we all very proud of you!

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