“There will always be a tomorrow”

When I was out treading the pavements this morning a throw away comment that the ten year old passed in conversation kept ringing in my ears. The conversation had come about with the five year old complaining that we had forgotten to give him a treat on Saturday despite the fact that he had cleared his dinner plate. The ten year old with all his years of wisdom imparted his knowledge to Isaac that there will always be a tomorrow to have ice cream. How I would love to be able to think that. Can you imagine that there would always be a tomorrow? No more worries about not seeing your children grow up and your babies having babies as there will always be a tomorrow. No worries about not making it to the age of retirement so that you can potter around the garden potting seeds and sitting watching them grow as there will always be a tomorrow. No worries about your ageing mother getting older as there will always be a tomorrow.

Unfortunately the innocence of youth is lost on me and you as we all know there isn’t always a tomorrow. We all need to look after ourselves to make sure we manage to stick around and enjoy life as much as we can. I feel so much better after losing a stone since June and my body feels so much the better for it. I have managed to knock two minutes a mile from my running pace since then and it made me wonder what other parts of my life the weight had slowed down. My confidence always takes a knock when I am carrying weight and I am determined this time for it to be a lifestyle change and not just a faddy diet. For me it always boils down to making the right choices especially when I am out and about and despite cinema trips, days out with the family and a meal out this week I managed to lose three pounds. I am delighted with myself but need to remember if I don’t keep it up and try to keep the weight down tomorrow might never come…..

Things I am loving this week;

The lovely Karen from Slender Choice  sausages sent me some delicious black pepper and leek sausages to try from her gorgeous and healthy low fat range. At just 1/2 a syn each according to my slimming world app they are a great choice for a healthy start to the day!

I love my newly decorated sitting room and this little photo project is going to have pride of place on my wall!!

Untitled DVD 28

So that is my tuppence worth for this fine Tuesday evening! If you are thinking of starting a lifestyle change don’t leave it till tomorrow! :-)


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  1. This got me Paula, lovely post and a reminder to take care of ourselves xx

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