The Right Choice!

So here I am at the end of week one of slimming world and I am five pounds lighter! I haven’t once gone to bed hungry and have had plenty of energy for runs, walks & cycles! For me weight loss ways boils down to making the right choice. One bad choice and I am on the road to destruction and planning to start again tomorrow! A few tips that I think helped me this week and might be useful to someone else…..

1. Spray don’t drizzle oil.
2. Buy extra lean mince, less than 5% fat.
3. Have a frozen curly wurly in the freezer for when the devil in your head speaks.
4. Snack on fruit.
5. Don’t be a diet bore!
6. Buy a measure for 35ml shots, much less than what you think a measure of alcohol should be!!
7. Treat yourself to something nice other than grub!
8. Move more than you usually do!

I hope to keep on the straight and narrow again this week! That dress in my wardrobe that I can’t pull up the zip on is within sight!!!

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