The midland’s cronut!


I get excited about silly little things such as spring bulbs appearing or a glimpse of a fox in the field behind our house but when I heard about the newest kid on the cakey block who is trying to make a really good impression I got very excited altogether! Meet the Cronut, who doesn’t quite know if it is a doughnut or a croissant! I would have loved to have queued up in the Marker Hotel recently to get a box of their delicious cronut treats but alas I am too far away in the depths of the bog to even contemplate a trip to Dublin for a bun! 😉


This is a complete cheat’s guide to those of us living away from the bright lights of city streets who want to try this creation!


What you need;

  • A little bit of patience
  • 2 litres of sunflower oil
  • A roll of ready made croissant dough
  • Sprinkle of flour on your counter top

Place oil in a large saucepan over a medium-high heat.

Open your croissant dough and you should have 6 triangles that make up three squares.

Take the three squares one at a time and fold over and flatten with your hand until you have a rectangle whereby you can cut out two three inch circles.

Cut out a centre hole in each circle.

Test the oil by dropping in one of the cronut holes.

If hot enough fry in batches of two or three until golden all over.

Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on some kitchen paper.

Once all are golden and crispy drop the cronut holes into the oil as a chef’s treat! (obviously I skipped this step. Hello Slimming World)

Once cooled cut in half and decorate!

For these decadent treats I filled the centre with caramel and sliced banana and drizzled the tops with dark melted chocolate.

I think they went down well………..


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6 Responses to The midland’s cronut!

  1. Carmel Grant says:

    Sounds like a delicious snack for a Sunday morning after a hard weekend, now to find some croissant dough.

  2. Nollaig says:

    Not exactly Slimming World friendly 😉 but what a treat, they look and sound mouthwatering Paula!! Great pics too,
    Nollaig x.

  3. Imen says:

    Omg, I’ve just made cronut dough for the first time Paula. I never even thought to just fry store bought croissant pastry, ingenious!!!!!! My friend sent me this really funny narrated (2 part) link to making them from scratch and it’s really easy (have not fried mine yet so we’ll see about the flavour!)
    Pretty cronuts pics =))

    • Paula says:

      Ooh will look forward to seeing how you get on Imen! They are such tempting treats, am dying to try the Marker Hotel version!

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