Deux baguette s’il vous plait!

Deux baguette

Deux baguette, s’il vous plait. I am going to miss saying those words every morning at the gorgeous French bakery alongside where we were staying in Orouet, St Jean de Monts, France. What a fantastic place for a family holiday, 13km of beach stretches from small town to small town with lots to be discovered in between. With a ten year old, a five year old and a soon to be three year old we were kept busy but the facilities at our campsite were brilliant. Kids camps, football pitches, huge pool complex with waterslides and nightly entertainment kept us all amused.

St Jean De Monts1-001

The town of St Jean de Monts is so picturesque and all along the beach playground activities are dotted which keeps the little ones amused. There is a gorgeous promenade which is completely flat and 3kms long which makes for a nice easy run to help combat the holiday food excesses!!

Isle de Noirmoutier

Noirmoutier – en- ille is a beautiful town to visit with plenty of gift shops and an abundance of kitchen shops to peruse. Lots of delicious salts including my favourite fleur de sel are harvested here and can be bought at roadside cabins along the route, similar to our strawberry ones!

Chateau Adventure1-001

Chateau adventure in Avrille is a fabulous day out for all the family. A series of 20 clues lead to a prize at the end once you solve the riddle. So much fun to see the children running from station to station and trying to piece together the clues. Beautiful walks surround the chateau and there is also a guided tour a couple of times during the day of the chateau.

All in all it was a wonderful holiday. We travelled by ferry which made things so much easier as the car only had to be unpacked and packed once and we could bring all the essentials without worrying about weighing our bags. We remembered to drive on the right hand side successfully and the journey from the ferry to our campsite was 4 1/2 hours. It was mainly motorway and toll free. I am already looking forward to returning next year and exploring a little more of the Vendee region!

We travelled with Irish Ferries and booked our campsite through Keycamp, both of whom were great companies to deal with!

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