Apricot & coconut tart!


I am lucky that this tart made it onto the blog at all. Me and my mini shadow got to work on making the pastry yesterday morning as soon as we had got rid sent the two boys to school. Halle is a huge addition to my kitchen now that she is two and nothing is ever mixed properly or kneaded to perfection unless her little chubby two year old fingers have helped me. I love the whole ceremony of pulling the stool over to the counter and helping her up to wash her hands before the magic in the kitchen begins. What lovely precious times these are. We rubbed, mushed and patted ingredients together until we had enough pastry made to line a pie tin before filling it with ceramic beans and placing it in the oven. A phone call to my sister ended in panic as the waft of burning pastry filled the kitchen, I must really learn how to use my oven timer! Alas all was not lost and despite being slightly crisper than I would have liked it was nonetheless devoured! I used a sweet shortcrust pastry recipe from the Odlums website which you can find here;


Once this was cooked and cooled I added a jar of apricot jam on the base and sprinkled 300g of desiccated coconut which I had toasted briefly in the oven on top. Such a lovely combination of flavours and perfect with a steaming pot of coffee!


I need to work on my pastry skills or maybe I will just start throwing the word ‘rustic’ in front of all my tarts! 😉

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2 Responses to Apricot & coconut tart!

  1. Catherine Meijer says:

    Hi Paula,

    Are you still fasting 5:2? If so would love to hear how you are getting on!
    May try Apricot & Coconut tart on day off!

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