Easy like Sunday morning!!


So there I was lying in the leaba this morning daydreaming about what to have for breakfast. I remember drooling a few weekends ago when Adrienne from the gorgeous www.bakefortheborder.com came up with a fabulous creation using croissant dough, nutella and peanut butter and I knew I had to do a bit of croissant dough pimping myself!! I had a couple of delicious ingredients lurking in my baking box so I decided to throw them all together and see what happened……..



So em I ate one and then I felt it best I eat another to be fully sure they were delicious before I blogged!!  The things I do for ye!!! xxxx

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4 Responses to Easy like Sunday morning!!

  1. joanna says:

    I am going to do this! It looks so transgressive on all counts :-) Love this post xx

  2. Rory Wilkinson says:

    Trying these next weekend.

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