Isaac’s 5th Birthday!

This time five years ago I was anxiously awaiting my much longed for second child. Months of preparation had gone into his/her arrival and the moses basket was ready beside my bed with freshly laundered sheets for our bundle of joy. I hope in years to come I will be able to convey to the children in words how special those moments were for us. The anticipation, preparation, fear, excitement and surge of love that comes is comparable to absolutely nothing. Nothing matters in those hours, pain and discomfort is soon forgotten when you have a helpless little newborn lying in the warmth of your arms. Such special moments to be treasured forever. So five years have passed and my bundle of joy has transformed into a lively, funny, cheeky, affectionate and cute five year old. Possibly the messiest and laziest member of our household but we have grown to love that aspect of him as well because he is our Isaac! The meaning of Isaac’s name is ‘he who laughs’ and I think it suits him to a tee. So happy birthday dear Isaac, I hope you have a wonderful day and would you mind picking up your dirty socks off the floor? 😉 xx

Isaac; he who laughs

The birthday celebrant in our house always gets to choose their birthday cake and luckily for me it is invariably a very easy chocolate biscuit cake. This one was amended from a previous recipe of mine which you can find here:

Always a big hit with kids and adults alike and very simple to throw together. I replaced the mint chocolate with alpine milk chocolate and it tasted fabulous. Enough to feed 16 small children and then some! 

The birthday cake request comprised of the words ‘chocolatey, smarties and sonic’. All boxes ticked here!
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6 Responses to Isaac’s 5th Birthday!

  1. Amee says:

    Hope it wasnt on a fast day Paula 😉

  2. Peggy says:

    Happy Birthday Isaac! I love the new hair style!!
    They grow far too quick for my liking.

  3. I love the way you captured the concept of having a child and how nothing but the positive matters or is remembered – I completely agree… the three happiest moments of my life were the moments I held my children for the first time… anything that went before that all forgotten. Hope the birthday celebrations are fab… I’m all into birthdays myself. Funny our birthday cake tradition is that daddy makes a chocolate biscuit cake (a tradition carried on from his youth)… and then mammy has to decorate it with the chosen theme! Birtdays are great… Happy Birthday Issac!

    Naomi (Science Wows)

  4. paulaannryan says:

    Love having new little family traditions to keep up! Three great moments in my life too, so special!! Can’t beat a chocolate biscuit cake…..;-)

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