I did it my way!

I have recently read a few articles online giving food bloggers advice as to what’s hot and what’s not for 2013. I am sure these posts are all just in jest and they provide an amusing read but the one point I would like to make is that your food blog is exactly that, yours. I will be continuing to use my whitewashed boards, my patterned linens, my strings of twine and my children if I wish. Your blog is meant to be a snapshot into your life, sharing memories and recipes that you adore and conveying feelings into words and pictures. So my advice to my fellow bloggers is do it your way, use props, don’t use props, do whatever pleases you because that little corner of the World Wide Web is yours and it’s up to you to put your stamp on it!
Rant over! Here is my favourite picture of some string, oh and a mince swirl…..

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8 Responses to I did it my way!

  1. Paula, what you do you do well, so definitely don’t change it, there is definitely a book in you, and your stuff has been published in very fancy papers :) I use my as a little online diary/scrapbook thing, kids and all. I love the feel of yours, don’t go channngginnn’ /Sinead

  2. You know what, it has started people talking about food blogging, about what they like, about their opinions, about what they are comfortable with! If you’re comfortable and happy with what you do then don’t change it. It’s your blog!

  3. Well said ladies. Paula your photos are fabulous, I often look at them in envy. And what’s wrong with a bit of twine, since when did we start a war on twine?! To echo Sinead’s song, don’t go channnnnnnnnggggggggginnnnn 😉

  4. aidan Clince says:

    You tied up that post very well. You are dead right. It’s all about individuality.

  5. Love your blog….at times I feel like I know you just from reading it. Continue doing what you do best and we’ll continue enjoying it

  6. Anonymous says:

    Paula, what I love about you is that you are yourself. Open,honest and brilliant!!

    Keep on rocking ,girl!!


  7. Fiona Dillon says:

    That’s exactly my motto Paula – you’ve just put it very eloquently! But isn’t that the great joy of blogging? Nobody can tell you what to say, do or think – just be yourself…

  8. The Glutton says:

    Couldn’t agree more Paula!!! Has to be done your own way or what’s the point? And you are doing it so well :)

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