Recipe for a perfect Sunday brunch……

Gather some friends together……
Have the obligatory rashers and sausages and maybe some cheese….
Throw a pear frangipane tart into the mix…….
and maybe some spiced pumpkin muffins….
Some treats for the kids…..
An indulgent orange and almond croissant pudding
A selection of juices……
and a little baby cuddle to round it off! Perfect Sunday!
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3 Responses to Recipe for a perfect Sunday brunch……

  1. All I managed was homemade mushroom soup; a Queen of Puddings but with blackcurrant jam which was a disaster & mud pie cookies. I really wish I was in your house & I’d love the baby cuddle too.

  2. Looks like you got some very good ways to spend a Sunday that will simultaneously fill your stomach and be highly satisfying while also ensuring you’re once again ready for that day ahead with a lot of fuel in you…lol!

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