Sit long, talk much, laugh often & love…..

So my darling daughter is two tomorrow and much joy is in the house. The two nannies, the grandad and two uncles will be joining us to celebrate with a special birthday dinner and a very special cake.

Each birthday that comes around is a reminder to me that time is precious and as my mother once said about me I now say about my children, we only get a loan of them. I hope my husband and I together are doing a good job raising these three precious little beings and this is the advice that I hope they will follow…..

Try your best no matter what. If you always try your best you will never be disappointed in yourself.

Take good care of yourself. Life is precious. Eat well, exercise and look after your mind.

Always be happy for others good fortune and you will find more joy in your own.

Your siblings are the ones whom you will have the longest relationship with. Treasure them.

Create happy memories that will give you pleasure in years to come.

If you believe, you can do anything.

Make time for friends. When living away from home they will be your family but choose them carefully.

It is fantastic to be loved but even more pleasurable to love.

Take everything in.

Sit long, talk much, laugh often. Make it even more pleasurable by doing this around a kitchen table surrounded by people you love.

So those are my words of wisdom on the eve of my daughter’s birthday. Would love to hear what you would like to pass down to your loved ones. xx

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