Glass Jars of Chocolate Caramel Yumminess!

Pat Whelan (@Pat_Whelan) posted a link yesterday to a site which had loads of brilliant ideas for using jamjars in unusual ways. I love using my spare pots as candle holders or to serve little desserts in but when I spotted cupcakes being baked in the oven in glass jars it opened my eyes! Loads of American bloggers seem to be experts at this form of baking so I decided to give it a shot using my foolproof chocolate muffin mixture. This is actually my mams recipe and it is so easy, quick and only uses four ingredients, five if you want the chocolate version which is compulsory with my sons and husband! This is exactly the recipe you need if you don’t want to go shopping specifically for ingredients as they are all store cupboard favourites. I added a teaspoon of homemade caramel sauce to give it an extra little layer of taste and moistness.

Easy Chocolate Muffins (makes enough for 8 glenilen pots and 6 muffins)

8 oz margarine
8 oz caster sugar
4 eggs
10 oz self raising flour
1 oz cocoa powder
14 tsp of caramel sauce (optional)

Preheat oven to 180c
Lightly butter the glass jars
Cream the margarine and sugar together then add one egg at a time and mix well
Sieve flour and cocoa powder and mix lightly into wet mixture
Spoon into the glass jars until half full and put remainder into muffin cases
If using put the caramel sauce onto a layer of muffin mixture and then cover with another layer
Bake in oven for 15/20 minutes till skewer comes out clean
Allow to cool fully as the glass will remain very warm before indulging!

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9 Responses to Glass Jars of Chocolate Caramel Yumminess!

  1. Lovely idea baking the muffins in jam jars, I think I might borrow that one! Lovely photo too! I have some confiture de lait that I brought back from Paris that I might use instead of the caramel sauce (really ‘cos I’m not sure what else to do with it!) :)

  2. They look so cute! I have loads of those yogurt jars too, I’ve never seen them used in baking though. Very pretty!

  3. paulaannryan says:

    Thanks for the comments ladies! There will be jamjars galore in ovens this week! :-)

  4. Wow! These look really impressive. And I love the BAKE behind them!

  5. Amee says:

    I always use my jars for portable picnic desserts, I’ve never baked in them ! The title of baking queen is with you now Paula. I will have to try this one.

  6. WiseMóna says:

    I have always been afraid to put these in the oven for fear they might break with the heat. Good to know that will not happen. Love how cute they all look Paula. Gorgeous photo!

  7. paulaannryan says:

    Thanks for the comments ladies, am thinking I should have put a disclaimer on the end of this post!! Or at the very least my solicitor details!

  8. Gillian says:

    Fab, just fab. I collect Bonne Maman jam jars … this might be a good use for them too. They might be a bit big but sur’ this only muffin mix – yom!

  9. Kristin says:

    I love American canning jars and have been enviously following the trend to bake things in them. Must take a leaf out of Gillian’s book and use Bonne Maman jars, love the way yours turned out!

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