At long last, a chance to write!!

Its been a month since i have had any time to write up a new post and for the next 90 minutes hubby dear is glued to the soccer so I don’t feel obliged to have to make conversation!  Am now back in the land of the working mum and time is slipping away from me!! Am luckier than most though, have an evening job which only requires me for 20 hours a week and allows me to stay home with the kids during the day till hubby comes home to take over.  The working bit is definitely the easy bit, its hard going juggling a seven month old baby, an active three year old and a socialite eight year old!  Some evenings I await the arrival of my hubby home with the nervous excitement of our first dates but alas it is merely excitement that i am getting to leave the house and enter the world of adult conversation for a few hours!!  I work in one of the better known English supermarkets as a team leader, which basically means i do a little bit of everything and run around like a maniac trying to keep everyone pleased.  In a previous life I have worked as a property negotiator (back in the days when people actually bought houses) and an accounts assistant (when people actually had some money to worry about)! I never thought I would end up in the land of retail but lo and behold here I am and as happy as Larry, whoever he may be. I find it fascinating to watch people going about their daily business and have had some priceless moments with customers which i will bore you with along the way.  Thanks for reading and watch out for some more blogs tonight to include #chocalong and if I have the energy Tiramisu!


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2 Responses to At long last, a chance to write!!

  1. Colette says:

    Trying to balance it all is the hard part. Lovely piece of writing.

  2. paulaannryan says:

    Aw thanks Colette! It was you who inspired me today to make time for a blog post!!

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