Citrus Curd Tart – just a posh name for Lemon Meringue!

I love lemon meringue pie but had never made one before.  Met a friend in Portlaoise on Saturday and of course i had to pop in to TK Maxx and spent an hour in the kitchen section.  Had to physically stop myself from spending a pile of money but 9.99 for a professional tart tin seemed reasonable so i did not resist!
I followed Jamie Olivers recipe for tart and have to say it was delicious.  Sweet and crumbly pastry and tangy lemon curd, gorgeous.  Will definitely be making it again soon.  New tin has me looking up loads of tart recipes, sweet and savoury, so will be tart overload for a while!!
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2 Responses to Citrus Curd Tart – just a posh name for Lemon Meringue!

  1. Nitai Prunty says:

    Oh my….. Yum yum yum…. That looks fab….

  2. paulaannryan says:

    Yay my first comment!!1 It was delish Nitai!! Will make it again for our next get together!!

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