Here I go again…….

I can’t actually believe that I am here again and back to square one with my weight. I was so happy in November 2013 when I reached goal and that was it, I was never, ever, ever, ever again going down the route of gaining weight. Ever. I was so busy setting up my photography business, training for a marathon and running my home that it was easy to keep the weight down for the first few months. Then life kicked in, the way it does when things are going well. I started noticing little things in conversations with my mother that just didn’t ┬áseem right. Small acts of confusion and then realisation that all wasn’t as it should be. Always so fiercely independent it is incredibly hard to realise your mother is growing old even when she is 81 years of age.

I have always seeked comfort in food. Of course having a hazelnut cappuccino and a cream slice is going to make me feel better. Of course sizzling your onions in butter and oil makes your bolognese/chilli/lasagne etc taste better. Of course stuffing your chicken with lashings of butter will keep it incredibly moist and it will taste wonderful. Diet tonic with my gin, you have got to be kidding me. See where I am coming from, all these things thrown in with nights in and out with friends, mornings spent drinking coffee and eating cake and indulging in delicious cooked Irish breakfasts. How in the name of God did I think I could stay at target!

I was looking for a dress recently for my eldest son’s confirmation and I had the shopping trip from hell. Nothing I liked would fit me and I felt like a barrel in what would fit me. I swore after that I was done. I was going back on the straight and narrow road to weight loss but it has taken me two further months to get there. Anyone who has lost weight knows the point that I am talking about. For me it was seeing a picture of myself on Facebook. I was so disgusted with myself that I had once again let the ‘fat demon’ in my head take over and make me feel miserable. Up to this point there was always an event or something that was going to prevent me from sticking to a plan but I have realised that there is always going to be something, am hoping to be able to make good choices whatever event I may attend! Easier said than done but that is the plan.

I hope I not boring you with my tale of woe but this is where I am at the minute. I know things could be so much worse, I have a lovely husband and three happy, healthy children but I need to feel healthy and happy as well! Hope you will encourage me as I start off once again!!!

That picture!!!!!!!


When I last reached target it was with Slimming World and I have no doubt if I had continued going I would not be where I am now. The key is definitely to stick to it and continue to go for weigh ins each week. My second weigh in was this morning and I am down 6lbs. I know the first week it is mainly water you lose but it feels great to be back on track. Am feeling determined. Again!!

Thanks for reading! xx

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Life in Slow Motion…….


Happy faces.

Long & sunny days.

Sticky fingers.

SPF 50.

Melting ice cream.

Sandy feet.

Bright eyes.

Charcoal scents.

Evening drinks.

Balmy nights.

Wonderful memories.

France 2015.












Holiday brochure for 2016 required.

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Freddy Buttons!


This is my friend Fiona Dillon! I was so pleased today to make it up to Bloom to see her launch her wonderful series of books “Freddy Buttons” and show off the amazing show garden that Freddy lives in! I would imagine that any child or adult would be delighted to live in such a gorgeous garden filled with colour and fun! There are eggs to be collected, honey to be gathered, vegetables to be picked, flowers to smell and insects to watch in their hotel! In fact it sounds very similar to where Fiona lives in Co. Carlow!

Bloom continues for the rest of the bank holiday weekend so if you are interested in good food, landscaping, plants or just having fun be sure to pop in. Arrive early and stay late!

















The wonderful garden is sponsored by Glenisk! Be sure to pick up one of their delicious fresh smoothies located close by!

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My garden!

“The kiss of the sun for pardon

The song of the bird for mirth,

One is nearer to God in the garden

Than anywhere else on earth”


I have always had a love of flowers and plants. My mother is a marvellous gardener and spends many happy hours pottering about planting seeds and bedding plants for an instant flash of colour, so she is delighted that she seems to have passed down to me her love for the great outdoors. We recently revamped our back garden and now I have the pleasure of looking out onto the calmest scene I could imagine. Lovely when the house is upside down and the children calling for their dinner just to take a moment to breathe in a bit of fresh air and see what new buds have appeared.












We planted the garden with a mix of my favourite perennials so I am really looking forward to seeing an explosion of colour in the summer months, foxgloves, lupins, hydrangea and lazy susans to name just a few. We planted the garden on the day that we should have been celebrating my father’s 80th birthday so what a lovely way to remember him by. Not that I need this as a reminder as he is always in my thoughts but you know what I mean.


I have been spending a lot of time in the garden this week as I have discovered we are the landlords of a robin family. They have been busy to and fro’ing from their nest at the bottom of the garden and I am eager to see can I spot their chicks yet. almost as exciting as waiting for news of the Royal baby!

I am looking forward to sharing with you some pictures of the garden in the coming months and telling of my successes and failures! What is your favourite flower in the garden? I would love to hear!

Till the next time,


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I went for a run today.

I went for a run today.

I huffed, puffed and panted my way around 10km and at the finish I felt as if I had ran another marathon! (I had to throw in that line in in case you had all forgotten that I ran the Dublin Marathon 2014!).

January was a bad month for me fitness wise as was December. Too many late nights and calories consumed. My trousers were getting tighter and my cheek bones were disappearing under a layer of flab so action had to be taken. Am such a fad diet person and can be so easily led, you name it and I have probably tried it but the one thing that always works for me is eating less and moving more. Easier to say than do some days but I will get there.

Life is so busy as it is and sometimes the easier option wins for convenience sake. I think we expect so much of ourselves that when we do falter we see it as more than it actually is which makes us falter more. It’s a vicious circle and so hard to break the “normality” of it. I ran this morning and rewarded myself with a banana sandwich and a frothy coffee, I resisted a biscuit but the day is young yet! It looks like I will be on this roller coaster for the rest of my days which will hopefully be long and bright ones. xx

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